'Love Me Beauty' First Impressions and June Box Review

Sunday, June 29, 2014

After a few too many disappointing boxes from 'Glossybox' but still loving the idea of having beauty samples coming to my doorstop, I decided to try another company. I'd heard about 'Love Me Beauty' from a great blog, Which Beauty Box UK, and decided they would be my next Beauty Box supplier.

Signing up was incredibly easy. I just filled in a few details, created a password and violà - I was through to the subscription page! I chose to do a month by month subscription so that I could see what a few boxes were like first, you know, test the waters and all that.

The first thing that I found different to other companies is that you don't fill out a beauty profile, instead you get a choice of three menus. I do like this idea, however, it does sort of take out the element of surprise when you open up your box. Saying that though, I liked (and wanted) all three menus! But, having to choose just the one, I went for "Menu 1" and was advised it would take 5-7 working days to arrive. I ordered mine on a Friday and it came the following Wednesday so pretty impressive delivery time.

I liked the packaging when it arrived, although was slightly disappointed when I realised it also doubled up as the actual box. At least its better for the environment, so I'll try not to complain too much about that! 

So now on to the important bit: the products! And I loved them all!

Let's start with the cosmetics. The first thing I pulled out was the Model Co. Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in 'Fairy Floss'. Swatching showed it was a lovely bright pink, exactly the sort of colour I enjoy wearing and the scent is divine. I excitedly tried it on the following day and it looks very pretty on the lips. As I find with all lip glosses, it didn't last very long so I had to reapply throughout the day but overall I really liked this. It was a full size product with the normal price of £12.

The second thing I received was the Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette in 'Earth Child'. I really love makeup palettes; like seriously, I have massive love for them. I like having a wide choice of colours in one place and this one will surely be making regular appearances in my makeup line up. The colours are lovely, quite dark and neutral with some shades of bronze and green for a splash of colour. They swatched nicely and the pigmentation seems to be good. They are quite glittery which I personally don't mind, I like the added sparkle. Again, another product I was very happy with and another full size product with the RRP of £3.99.

Thirdly, I received an NYX Cosmetics Nail Polish in the shade 'Winter' This is not normally a shade I would choose myself, but I'm always open to try new things and have been wanted to try NYX products for a while now. The shade is quite a pale pink/coral colour that has a fair amount of shimmer to it. The formula was quite thin so it needed three coats but the colour did come out nicely. I change my nail colour weekly so  can never have enough varnishes in my drawer, although, it's not going to be one I'm drawn to every time. Another full size product with the normal price being £3.

Now on to the skin care. I was pleased to see a  mix of skin care and cosmetic products; variety is always good in my eyes! I first picked up the Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque. I am a total sucker for face packs and masks; there's nothing quite like lighting some candles, playing some music and slapping one on before completely chilling out for 15mins, so it's no surprise that this was a pleasant addition to my box. I've yet to try it but I'm very excited to! Again, this was another(!) full size product and with an RRP of £1.49.

Finally, I received the Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream.  I have heard great things about Urban Veda and boy, has this been wonderful to try. I have very oily skin and this does what it says on the tube - it's mattifying and pore refining. My skin has felt and looked great since using it and definitely think I'll be having to purchase a tub. This was the only sample-sized product I received (pretty impressive, huh?!) with the price of £14.99 for a normal 50ml tub, giving the sample a value of roughly £3. 

All in all, this was a great box…I'm impressed! The total value of the box is £23.48 and considering it costs £12.95 (inc. p+p), that in itself isn't bad. I'm looking forward to my next one already!

You can sign up to 'Love Me Beauty' here. Do you subscribe to any Beauty Boxes?

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