Sunday, July 13, 2014

Have you heard of #100happydays? Up until a few months ago, I hadn't. Therefore, when photos with said hashtag started popping up on my Instagram feed (@nglashan, I'm looking at you), boy, was I intrigued!  

"What do I have to do?" I hear you ask. Well, the idea is to look for something that makes you happy every day, for 100 days (obviously) and then post a photo or status along with the happy days hashtag to a media site of your choice or send them privately to the provided email address. It can be anything from meeting a friend to an exciting day out to a well-needed cuppa; it doesn't matter, as long as it made you happy then it's good enough to be your "happy moment".

The concept of #100happydays is to get people to slow down in their busy lives, appreciate a moment and to realise how lucky they are to have something that makes them smile every day.  Now I'm all up for looking at the brighter things in life - I try to be a cup-half-full kinda gal - so that coupled with the desire for fun little projects and a love of photography,  this challenge was right up my street. 

And...drum roll please...

I am pleased to say that I have finally done it - hurrah!!

Let's just get this straight before going any further, I loved doing it. It was a lot of fun and it really did make me notice more of the good things in life. But even I have to admit, finding something every single day and trying to make it interesting (to give myself something good to look back on) was difficult and undeniably hard work! Nonetheless, I would urge anyone to at least give it a go, reaching the end of the 100 days is incredibly worth it. It is, without doubt, something that I will never forget and will always be proud of taking part in. 

I've put all the pictures in a collage below but to see each photo individually, take a look at my Instagram (@atinson35). To find out more about #100happydays or to sign up, click here.

It's said that 71% of people who start this challenge don't complete it, how well can you do? 

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